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What do you mean Madhu, trisha kar madhu viral video, trisha kar madhu ka gana viral video, trisha kar madhu video viral download link,  if you are sending viral videos then you are very good. Will give information about it and get the video in it which is the biggest video!
As you all know that in today’s time, many people make themselves viral and this is the biggest reason for it. They become famous by going viral and what is social media in this era?

trisha kar madhu ka gana viral video

 In today’s time, everyone wants to hear what is not to do on social media and it is made viral without keeping the same in mind. Now let us see whether this video is original by Trisha Madhukar or played by someone else as far as information is available. This video has gone viral that someone has done it and in this video.

I watch this moment Trisha Madhu Aarti for the first time after the video went viral New York Garnish This moment breaking news Let me tell you Superstar Teri Samadhi with Rocky Andhadhun What is this to listen to Of course we tell you how you are, you are absolutely fine but it is very nice to meet you I liked it, I liked it, if I didn’t like it, how do you feel about being alive? These are human beings, but you create ruckus. There are news people who ask questions anywhere.

Today, all the actresses have been told that you must be much older than me and it will not happen to me. Asking questions and the style of asking, now improve a little more, you won’t have any but I have a lot of questions, how can you ask, watch the video, how did you like it? That video should not have gone viral or should not have gone viral, Trisha. If there is no Pollock job video then let me tell you, there are many breaking news of this time, let me tell you, have you ever said why such a video should not go viral? Madhu ji’s Hum people, please turn down your voice of Bhojpuri, this is mine. Whereas the other one has the other’s land, this is not my own house or you also do not have your own house and you, your style is very mean, now it is really absolutely no, I am coming, I have time for 5 minutes, when can I stop to ask?

trisha kar madhu video viral download

Gave me a comment pass, you have time, I don’t have time, then how did you run such news by sleeping, demand right, once again the interview should be shown on three inches, sleep is good, I did not bother you once before in the interview, now now You didn’t even know me.

My question to you is, I am the audience. The birth of my hair is over and those who are intelligent also understand me and those who are ignorant, there is little need to explain to them, they do not understand. I am asking you a question flower or today I am here. But how are you feeling? It’s good that you are going to create a stir in Bhojpuri once again with Trishul and after a while I forget that we are yours everywhere.

Trisha Kar Madhu Viral Video

You are very good. Subscribe to our channel and follow us everywhere. Ask about Madhu ji. We are three mother tongues which is Bhojpuri, that is why we have been denouncing it everywhere, that is, should it come again or not, but is it the blessings of Pankaj Soni, have you got it or is it the blessings of you people, Pankaj Soni is a distant thing, Pankaj Soni ji always.

Bless me or because of your victory I have come that I have to work in this industry and be in front of you guys, it felt very good to be together i.e. Trisha is famous, this is the biggest news I am telling you, Aarti and Garnish But this is the biggest news, Trisha Madhu ji, tell me how many songs are you shooting in Patna today, Dhamal ji, with whom exactly did you shoot the English song? It is going to come very soon and only student Nido could shoot the song in the whole day.

After the video went viral, which artists did you work with in a way that people couldn’t even think of? You did the song ‘You can’t do this, it’s very good, if you have kept such an expensive cameraman, if you have kept such a good camera, then first of all’ I can’t even tell you what happened between whom and I came there just out of hatred but I don’t have any problem with any disturbance, private property is not government property, let us say the poor.

trisha kar madhu video viral download link

One thing, one cigarette in silent, one thing, let me tell you my feelings, now you cannot give private property to anyone like this or increase your camera and you could never think of my location. First of all, guide. Stops you and let me tell you one more thing, yes without migration you could not even enter mine and you can never enter anyone’s camp.

Why can’t you ask that it is his private property and it is government’s if the office was separate. Then Bedi Jaggu could have done it. It’s a good thing, Trisha Madhur, we did not come here to fight, what to talk about, we are in front of the camera, so we could not fight, but if I meet you like this, then I will definitely fight with you, maybe you are more of a mother. But this girl has the form of Maa Durga inside her.

You also know that today it is said and now it is said that from Kolkata to China Sagar, in the middle of Kolkata, Kali Maa is also there, so today if I am a girl then I have become half but she will also become Kali in future. There may be a need to slap me, there is no need to slap me, let me tell you that there is Kali Maa of Kolkata too, so if Sanam goes too much then it will not take time to become a Kali Mata and I will not talk about anyone’s power and property.

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I do this, I don’t have any leader, minister or support from any company, I have my mother’s love and the love and blessings of some people and the public, even twenty percent is more important than eighty percent, you should know.

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