adani energy solutions share price target 2024 2025 2030

adani energy solutions share price target2025, I heartily invite all of you to get the money. If you have done this for the first time and the next date has already been met here on October 13th, that shift has already been shifted to you, and what will happen further, everyone knows, yes, and also we have different.

adani energy solutions share price target 2024

adani energy solutions share price target, Later, three more were added: Ambuja Cement, ACC, and NDTV. Okay, so if we talk about these stocks, if you, Sir Total, which company is this? Its name is Old Friends, but if we talk, then pick it up. If we talk, then Total Energy is the name of this company, which is the price-best company in the province.

If you check its industry, then Industry Energy Oil and Gas is fine, and as I told you, you will get to see its headquarter in France now. Total Energy is a French company; the name is written here; it is not written as Adani and Total. Energy is a partnership between these two. When we saw these two, we understood that the matter was simple. They made a lot of allegations after that. If you can speak, you can also speak.

I used to do it on old because he had said to let the results of this audit video of whatever is going on related to Adani Group come out. After that, Hum Decision, who said Total Energy, said that it is working in a big partnership with Adani Group. He is doing fine, so he also stopped his daily group. If such news comes into the office, then the stock here will definitely fall. This is a major region, friends; the stock is so special.

adani energy solutions share price target 2025

We were surprised to see it coming down, so everyone waited. I was wondering whether all the people at Total Energy would continue with Adani or not, so we were getting to see this thing. If we talk, friends, there is another stock for which we can buy Adani Green or 200 Adani.

If we talk about green, then if you look at the chart pattern, then from the top level or from the very top level, if we calculate, which if I check from here, then I can say in my own, after doing a little calculation here If I put it in front of you, then see how much it is still down; that is, from the top level that was formed until today, it is still 65% down.

Well, there has been some recovery from the bottom because it has also fallen by 80 plus, so how much is it? Even today it is down, there is a huge decline, and there is no such penny company. The name Adani is very big; it is a very big group, so why were we getting this down? Okay, so the reason behind this too, friends, is not the share holding pattern.

adani energy solutions share price target 2030

It is hidden. If you check the share holding pattern of Adani Green even in public, then you will see one name. What is being seen is Total Energy Renewable. But how much of their sticker is more than 16 percent? This has become one donation, and you are here. You can check again. Let’s talk about Total Energy Solar Wind. 3:30 percent means about a 20% stake in Adani Green is also whose stake it is for TotalAdani Group.

Total Energy: So far, I have explained to you the entire game going on from the beginning until now. Total Energy is being told that friends probably do not do their work with Adani Group because of AdaniGreen. They are also planning to invest in the Adani Green project. But the report has come out that it is not true, and if it is proved to be true, then it will be very good for Adani Group Adani Green. Meaning, we can see some relief news.

adani energy solutions share price target 2040

From the beginning till now, I have been a little worried that the group is very volatile. The group is fine, but what to do after return? Let’s go and buy it. I will be seen again through the sent report from Raichur. If we believe this news, then he would have said, No, this is not true. After doing this, his son will come back and be mortgaged. You should also know this point. Okay, that’s why I am reporting again and again. It is being told that this news has been proven. A sigh of relief for Cream and Gas there. Can take if you are getting the same thing again and again according to the seen and


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