Bank of Maharashtra Share Price Target 2025 2030 2040

bank of maharashtra share price target 2025, And here also there is a continuous decline; the share of ₹ 45 has come down to 36 at the Central Bank of India, the recent result of which is that, as you can see, the Indian Overseas Bank is trading.

If you see here too, the share of ₹ 48 is 38. But Punjab National Bank is a very big bank, and it has come down from 83 to 71. Bank of Maharashtra Share Price Target 2025 The decline is definitely bigger. The decline in general over small to midcap is even bigger, and the decline in PSU is much bigger.

Because it has already shown huge growth in the last year, there is still a growth of 95% in the Bank of Maharashtra, and in the rest of the banks, which I just told you about, even 100% growth is being seen.

We will talk about the Bank of Maharashtra. What kind of opportunities are the banks creating or not? What should you pay attention to?

It is very big, and it is continuously falling. If we talk about it, then the recent news is good. The Bank of Maharashtra has increased the deposit rates by 125. A basic point here is that it is a big thing, and due to this, if you saw the deposits,

If you see, it has started increasing in government banks, which is a good thing. Along with the Bank of Maharashtra, many other banks have also increased their deposit rates.

If you see their deposits here, then if you see this year, if your interest is there, it will be around 6.50%, which is fine, but if you are here for more days, it will increase even more; it is even up to 7.50% during this scheme.

If we look at the special scheme that they have launched in 200 to 400 countries, then what should the banks do now that they are trying to track as many people as possible?

bank of maharashtra share price target 2025

Bank of Maharashtra Share Price Target 2025, Look, government banks are doing this sometimes; look now, government banks are also in focus. As far as we talk about this bank, it has a market cap of Rs 31000 crore.

According to the valuation, it is not expensive; Bank of Maharashtra Share Price Target 2025, it has P, which has started paying dividends from the average industry.

Did it pay 50 paise last year? Why are they paying more dividends because revenues and profits are increasing, if you see? If you see, their revenues are increasing continuously; they have gone from Rs 4317 crore to Rs 5735 crore, and there is an increase in revenue every quarter, but this time the profit is also there.

Look, it is increasing, not even for a single quarter in between where their profits have fallen. Profits ranging from Rs 535 crore to Rs 920 crore are being seen quarterly here because it is a good thing and the profits are big in every quarter. That’s what they are saying.

bank of maharashtra share price target 2030

The structure of the PSU bank will still be good for one and a half years; however, after that, you will notice some irregularities in the NPA here. If you look at it now, brother, a lot of improvement is being seen in the NPA here, but only for one and a half years. After 2 years, perhaps you will see NPA increasing; however, there is a small concern; two-three reports have also come out regarding this, and as far as we talk about this bank, here you can give the current situation.

Currently, his holding was left in the June quarter; his holding was 90.97% until March; in June, it was at 86.46, meaning the quantity was sold further; here in September, it is still 86.46 and will remain the same for two-three quarters.

Because right now it is obvious that the government is exploring the option of selling its state among other companies, and as far as we talk, it is a good thing that after the public, the public is continuously holding 7.76%, if you look at it, but on the other hand, f5 is quite a strange play here.

It was 0.26 in June; it increased to 0.68 in September, when they sent 0.59% holding in Bilaspur. Another thing you can say is that the mutual fund has made a lot of purchases; it increased from 0.23 to 0.38 and then came to 0.53, but insurance They definitely increased by 3.08% to reach 5.45, but now, after sending huge quantities in the September quarter, they have come to 4.64.

bank of maharashtra share price target 2040

The long term will be positive, but yes, the way I see continuous decline here, support should be formed here, that is ₹ It should be around Rs 35, and the level is Rs 36–37.

The level should be checked there. It looks attractive, I believe, but yes, it is also too early to say that support will be formed from there. The initial support is only that. Should you go below, support will be available here.

I am expecting that it can be seen here above the Bank of Maharashtra, but along with this, I would like to add one thing: if you have purchased and kept it and are at a big loss, then stay tuned. There is no need to panic and sell, but as far as things are concerned, I think if it reaches around Rs 37, then add slowly from there and do not make the mistake of buying too many shirts at once.

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